The specific organizational areas all contain a common flaw, they are more
organizational myopic in approach rather than market focused.  It has been the
demise of many an organization whether it be a government, business or non-profit
who has lost focus on external issues in an over pursuit of internal needs.  
Remember, to maintain relevancy for your product/service is solely defined as to be
needed and desired by others.  It is their needs that matter most.
Resource Solutions of the Carolinas addresses the need for Strategic
that has been lacking within current business models and consulting
Strategic Nexus is the dynamic space in which to solve these shortcomings.  
There are opportunities, whether internal and/or external, in which organizations
can exploit to their advantage and distance themselves from the competition.   
RSC utilizes our proprietary A.C.E. Synergistic System to identify these
opportunities and generate top to bottom enterprise value.