Tom White
Director, Economic Development Partnership
North Carolina State University
Mr. White’s distinguished career has been primarily focused in the area of Economic
Development.   Currently he is  
Director, Economic Development Partnership for the Office of Extension,
Engagement, and Economic Development at North Carolina State University.
- responsibilities include providing leadership to building alliances for economic
development and connecting the unique strengths of NC State University to
appropriate agencies and industry clusters.   

Director of Business and Industry for the Division of Workforce Development with the
North Carolina Department of Commerce, Raleigh, NC.  
- responsible for administering the $80 million federal       Workforce Investment Act
grant, providing performance monitoring, oversight, planning and technical
assistance to 24 local area workforce development boards throughout North
Carolina. The Division was reorganized in 2007 at which time Mr. White was given
primary responsibility for business and industry service operations.

Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce
- responsible for workforce development, business development and economic
development capacities prior to serving as president/CEO from 1997-2005.

“Throughout his career, he has been consistently involved with a wide array of
workforce development applications; joint ventures and economic development
programs, activities, and projects.”  

White is a graduate of Duke University and holds a Masters in Public Affairs (MPA)
degree from NC State University.

Mr. White continues to provide great insight and encouragement to the members of
Resource Solutions of the Carolinas, LLC regarding the economic climate and
opportunities for organizational positioning.  We would like to thank Mr. White for his
continued willingness to serve for the need of others.